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Nathan Benamoz

August 25, 2021

Much love ❤️

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Nathan Benamoz

August 24, 2021

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Nathan BenAmoz, Founder & Director

Jewish Hope is the brainchild of Michael Steinberger. Michael hails from the tourism industry where he enjoyed over 4 decade’s experiences. Michael brings his many years’ marketing and operational experience to JHA where as Founder and CEO he developed the JHA model.

Michael’s interest in Sefarad (Jews of the Iberian Peninsula) was motivated by the far-reaching events of this segment of Jewish and world history and the profound consequences this period produced, including today’s converso phenomenon (descendants of Jews forced to convert to Christianity). Steinberger launched JHA with an underlying mission to deliver this epic story and all its consequences and effects to the public domain. To extend the scope and reach of the mission, Steinberger is created a strategic alliance partnering with organizations, institutions, and individuals, covering the private and public sectors, including religious, secular, historic, academia and governments.

Uniting the Jewish People around the world by recounting the legacy of the past and forging a new future in hope and solidarity.

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